We teach workshops on cinematography/lighting with focus on Super 8 and 16mm filmmaking.
We’ve been invited to teach private and group workshops at co-ops all across Canada, including an awesome excursion up to the Yukon this summer!

Workshops are specific to individual needs to ensure that you learn what you want to learn.
Classes also offer opportunities to visit the studio and view and examine the characteristics of film stocks (why to overexpose or underexpose to get the best results).
Ever thought of bleach bypassing, or cross-processing your film? Did you know that you can cross-process tri-x and plus-x for a wider latitude – making the film more sensitive in shadows and highlights… but you have to expose it right…

Examples of some of the last workshops:
Cinematography basics about natural lighting, tungsten lighting, film stocks, lenses and exposure.
How to get the best out of a telecine transfer.

(popluar for private workshops):
I bought a camera- help me figure it out.
How to Shoot a test, sit in on the transfer and analyse with a colorist/cinematographer on what needs to be done to get the best image.

contact us to book dates:

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