SI2K MINI RENTAL- $375 – $1000/day (depending on kit)

Shoots up to 2048 x 1152.
Cineform RAW codec: Higher resolution than typical HD 1080
11 stops of latitude
cinematic texture
Tech Details:

Same camera used to shoot Slumdog Millionaire, and inserts on Ironman 2, Sherlock Holmes.. etc..) Alternative solution to shooting RED cam.

Package only rents with a Frame Discreet Cinematographer on set (insures no technical issues).
Arri Matte box, Petroff DV cameras Universal Support, Dv Multirig, Cinearm Noga arm, Xenarc LCD Touchscreen 702TSV.
Records to a solidstate 12″ touch screen Toshiba Laptop. 40gig = 1 hour of 2k in cineform RAW QT or AVI.
Not bad, lightweight. 🙂
Backpack with lenses and batteries for ultra portability in 2k.
Currently supporting cmount lenses 5.9mm t1.8, 25mm t-0.95, 50mm t-0.95, 16-100 t-1.9 Zoom + others… Nikon or PL Lenses can be adapted.

Sound- H4N Zoom recorder -separate system SD OR straight to Hard Drive married to video file.

Contact us for info. 416.803.1101

EZFX JIB ARM RENTAL – $150-$350/day

It is the EZFX jib with additional extension making it 4′-10′. I also have the undersling, which I use a lot for low angle and creative shots going up, over and around objects/fences. We’ve flown the RED on there at 25lbs. The remote head is the PT24 and is controlled by joystick, which has a number of threshold controls to feather out the movements.

The max height on the jib arm with the extension is 10′ 6″.
It is pretty compact compared to most jibs and easy to setup. I can come out and assist, and build the rig to save you time and let you be creative.

Full package, 4′ jib + Manfrotto head + tripod + weights + sandbags goes out for $225/ day.
(More details on the jib can be found at

6′ extension -$50
PT24 Remote head with joystick and 1 xlr 12v battery $60
Undersling – $20
Video Goggles – $50

DOLLY – $50/day

Lightweight 16 wheel Glideshot Dolly. Portable, quick to setup. Adds cinematic production value to situations where budget is tight, and time is limited. Includes (2) 10′ poles for track.

LIGHTING – kit $250/day or rent by the item:

Package A – $250/day softbox package 3x redheads with 3x chimeras, 3x stands, bag of AC, 5x sandbags, 2 250W fresnels. 5x stands.
(3) 1k chimeras/fresnels
(3) 1000W LED soft lights which only draw 100W / light.

Need grip gear? Clamps, Cstands, arms, appleboxes, flexfill?

Additional lighting grip gear available, inquire:

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