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Exciting news for 2018!

HDR (High Dymanic Range) Scans!

To be the best, we needed to evolve.

HDR scanning is our new standard for all scans. We flash each frame of film multiple times for more detail in the shadows, midtones and highlights. This blows away any other system in town

We are on the cutting edge of technology, the first 5k HDR system of its kind in Canada.

Thanks for supporting and helping us achieve this milestone!

... 5K & HDR scanning... so exciting for us!

- The Frame Discreet Team

  • A little about us…

    Originally created by Cinematographer Justin Lovell as a means to transfer his own films being created on 8/16mm in 2003, we designed our own 2k scanner (nicknamed Belladonna) and now for 2015, we've acquired the extremely powerful 5k 8/16/35mm Lasergraphics Scanstation. A milestone for us which is capable of capturing more information than what is on the film itself.

    Frame by frame razor sharp scanning, advanced color correction, and a cinematographer's eye are at the heart of what makes our film scans stand apart.

  • Recent Posts:


    HDR - OUR NEW GOLD STANDARDWhat’s all this about HDR? HDR (High Dynamic Range) scanning is our new Standard. It allows us to give you the best in image quality. Films that may have dark or bright scenes will benefit immensely. Normally [more]

    Der Glöckner Trailer and a note from filmmaker Berny Hi!

    Der Glöckner Trailer and a note from filmmaker Berny Hi!A nice note from our friend Berny Hi on his post-production process for Der Glöckner!!! Check out the trailer! Just got the film, Der Glöckner, back from the labs! The celluloid images turned out beautifully. It is [more]

    Mike Shannon, before and after Colour Grade, Mask and No-Mask...

    Mike Shannon, before and after Colour Grade, Mask and No-Mask...Our friend Mike Shannon brought us 3 film prints, this is just part of what we did... Check out the comparisons below.  Slide the bar to see the difference in a Super 8 mm print before [more]

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