Friday, July 6th, 2018

What’s all this about HDR?

HDR (High Dynamic Range) scanning is our new Standard. It allows us to give you the best in image quality. Films that may have dark or bright scenes will benefit immensely. Normally exposed images come out smoother and cleaner.

Because it has impressed us that much, HDR Scanning has become our new Standard Scanning Method. No one else in town has the specific bleeding edge technology we are using.

Why are we doing this? +

Why is this important to me? +

How does it work? +


On below detail note the reduction of chunky colour noise in the highlights.  This is cropped in on a 16mm frame on a flat scan.

Zoomed in 300%


Wednesday, March 16th, 2016

We can give you the FLAT scan (giving you control & flexibility to color correct) or we can TIME/GRADE the image for you to make it POP.

Thanks to Laurel Karlsen for letting us show his great NEW SUPER 8 KODAK Color Negative film!


Cinematography Award Nomination..

Friday, March 4th, 2016

Honored to be nominated by my respected peers at the Canadian Society of Cinematographers for a 2016 CSC award. 

Thanks to the great team who supported the story I told through my images.

Jason Day – never say die

Justin Lovell
Assoc CSC Cinematographer
Creator of Frame Discreet

Camera Testing hosted at Frame Discreet

Thursday, April 23rd, 2015

We hosted a test to compare the image quality of the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, Blackmagic Pocket Camera and the Si2K. Graded frame grab comparison result below. Very Similar.

BMPCC and BMCC are virtually identical. Blackmagic is sharper and slicker. Si2K image is grainier – in a pleasing way. When in motion, the texture gives the image a characteristic that engages me more.

The SI2K is slightly softer and the way the sensor responds it creates a more textured, filmic image. I find the Blackmagic to feel cleaner, more videoish in its texture in comparison. All shot on the same lens. Linos 25mm Cmount Mevis-c Prime.

*note – lighting changed in one of the frames, giving higher contrast and appearing sharper.

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

Blackmagic Cinema Camera

Blackmagic Cinema Camera

Silicon Imaging 2k (SI2K)

Silicon Imaging 2k (SI2K)

8mm Burlesque for Feature Film

Wednesday, April 8th, 2015

8mm film transfer burlesque

Fun selection of burlesque films we were sent by Storyline Entertainment.  The fantastic Iris Ng is their cinematographer whom we loved working with on Sarah Polley’s “Stories We Tell“.

League of Exotique Dancers is an intimate, character-driven film that looks into vintage burlesque’s world of fun, frolic and feathers while uncovering the stories of poverty, racism and sexism that was rampant under all that glitter.  Find out more…

WEBSITE              www.exotiquedancers.com

FACEBOOK          www.facebook.com/exotiquedancers

TWITTER              www.twitter.com/LEDfilm @LEDfilm #LEDfilm (film)

      www.twitter.com/storylineent @StorylineEnt (production company)

      www.twitter.com/rama_rau @rama_rau (director)

      www.twitter.com/EdBarreveld @EdBarreveld (producer)



Our friend Adam Abbas has a new book out, and it comes with its’ own trailer!

Friday, October 3rd, 2014

Check out the trailer for Adam Abbas’ Poetry Book A State A Statue A Statutehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yg3q-vA1pw0


You can get your copy here: http://www.steelbananas.com/portfolios/a-state-a-statue-a-statute-by-adam-abbas/


Congratulations Adam!





Friday, July 18th, 2014

Check out our new space!

As we keep growing, we have moved across the hall from our dear friends at IPS (www.IPStudio.ca) into suite 218.

But you will still find us over there too – hanging out 🙂

Come say hi and check out the beautiful loft in our expanded office!

Frame Discreet
136 Geary Ave.  Suite 218
Toronto, ON. M6H4H1

Frame Discreet is Moving!

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

Exciting news – we’re expanding our services!

As of MAY 02 2014:

We are moving out of the Bellwoods location to make things more accessible for you.  Our new downtown space is conveniently located at 136 Geary ave (just north east of Dupont and Dufferin).

To facilitate creative collaboration and share ideas and inspiration with other filmmakers, we’re moving into a space with IPS film studios.  They offer an array of services from pre production to post and fully equipped green/white shooting space.  A great space to assist independent productions.

Unless previous arrangements have been made (feel free to reach out to us), we’re asking that all new orders wait until May 02.

We will be announcing a launch party soon and would love to have you see the new space.

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A testimonial by Ryder White & Alexandra Caulfield.

Monday, April 14th, 2014

“Our project involved teaching film workshops in small and rural towns all across Canada in which participants learned to shoot and hand process their own Super 8mm movies. The seventy-odd rolls that comprised our collection by the end were beautiful and fantastic, but having been developed in buckets in an improvised mobile darkroom and subsequently projected several times, they were in rough shape.

The final product of this effort was to be a gallery exhibition in Vancouver that would showcase the films in ten separate projections so that visitors could “walk through” the images. Analog projection was out of the question for logistical reasons, so we turned to Frame Discreet for digitization. And what a result! After what must have surely been a challenging prep task, Lianna pulled off impressive timing on the footage and was even able to accommodate our request for a sped-up timeline after we were offered an earlier opening date at our gallery.

Thank you so much, Frame Discreet! You’re the best!

Ryder White & Alexandra Caulfield
Co-Founders, Canadian Frame(lines)”

RidleyAlexandra3 RidleyAlexandra2 RidleyAlexandra1

Aaaand we’re back!

Friday, January 10th, 2014

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season!

Here’s a couple stills from a recent transfer to welcome in the new year.

super8_500t_7219_02 super8_500t_7219_01

Kodak 7219 (500t Super 8) Best Light scan. For a recent documentary on Devil’s Glen Ski club. Super 8 used behind the scenes and to compliment the existing archival super 8 footage

Closed Dec 20 – Jan 02 for the holidays

Sunday, December 15th, 2013

Thanks for a great year!

We appreciate all the support over the years.  Keep sending in your amazing,  creative and sometimes wacky films 🙂
We love being a part of your projects.

Thanks to creative people like you,  film is still alive!

Enjoy the holidays,  see you in the new year!

Justin,  Lianna,  Brian (and baby Teagan)


Congratulations on your film Milo!

Friday, August 9th, 2013

Nice email we received from Milo-Finnegan-Money:

About a year and a half ago you transferred film for a project called “Surreality” for me. The project ended up being titled “XY” and is going to screen at it’s 4th film festival (Holly Shorts Film Festival) at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. I wanted to thank you again for your contribution. Here’s a link to the Festival Genius page for the project (http://hollyshorts.festivalgenius.com/2013/films/xy_milofinneganmoney_hollyshorts2013) and thanks again for your beautiful work.

Congratulations Milo! Thanks for having us involved with your film.

New 50D color neg now available on Super 8!

Sunday, January 27th, 2013

Kodak releases 50d color negative in super 8.


Limited availability  –  we just got the first shipment. Come try a roll today.   Super exciting!

HD transfer Regular 8mm – Hidden image between the sprockets!

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

Ryan Johnson regular 8mm HD film transfer

It’s amazing what can sometimes be found hidden between the sprocket holes.  Some cameras had wider gates than what was seen through the camera’s viewfinder.  Typical transfer systems aren’t able to show this extra area.  We modified our scanner allowing us to see as much as possible.  In this case we discovered a hidden member of the family!  Thanks for having us archive your film Ryan Johnson!

Commercial Shoot

Friday, July 29th, 2011

Recent Commercial Shoot for 3018 Yonge St. Condos & Gladstone Media by Frame Discreet Cinematographer Justin Lovell.

Thanks for all your hard work guys! Slideshow shows the washed out warm summery 70s look applied to it. Shot on our SI-2k package with OLD ARRI primes and Angineux zoom to get uncoated flares. Check out shots 26/28 (some of the bathroom closeup shots) and see the crazy dreamyness effect of the softfx 2+3 + old ARRI prime 35mm… just lovin’ it!

16mm Restoration for ‘Galaxy’

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

16mm transfer galaxy before - frame discreet16mm transfer galaxy after - frame discreet
16mm transfer galaxy before - frame discreet16mm transfer galaxy after - frame discreet



“This is a short drama I shot in film school in those pre-video, “Steenbeck” years that won the Norman Jewison CNE Grand Prize along with some other awards.” – Bill Davern – filmmaker.

Bill called us to re-transfer his film as he was unhappy with the out of focus transfer done by another company…   Great work Bill, we loved your film!  Glad we could be involved with the transfer / restoration!


Documentary – “Ben’s Rhapsody”

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

A Documentary about Tourette Syndrome that I shot and scanned here at Frame Discreet. See below post for more details. An inspiring subject and very interesting to learn about how Ben has had to deal with the syndrome. Glad to have been a part of getting his story out.

Directors: Lena Lee, Kelly Uman
Cinematographer: Justin Lovell
Camera: Eclair NPR, Bolex Rex-5, Bolex H-8
Transfer: Frame Discreet
Editing: Dean Vargas / Motion Pantry
Sound: Steve Ejbick

Regular 8mm *unsplit* 2k transfer

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Documentary I shot with Lena Lee about Tourettes.  Shot the first 25′ normally, then flipped the camera upside down and shot the 2nd 25′ (first image posted we forgot to flip the camera).  This makes the left image play in reverse (but right side up) and the left image play normally.  I decided to shoot the left image as wide shots.  The right image I shot all closeups  (the viewers are less likely to notice closeups in reverse).  Opened the door to the camera between shots to give an organic light leak onto the footage between shots.  Color corrected for a more neutral color space, rather than the funky cross processed saturation.  Our RAW data scanner gives us lots of flexibility over the color correction.  Turned out just beautifully!

Cinematographer: Justin Lovell

Camera: Bolex p3

Stock: Regular 8mm 100d Cross-Processed at Niagara Custom Lab. Stock purchased at LIFT.

Color Correction for Junos/Bravo!

Friday, January 21st, 2011

A documentary I’m working on with Director Bruce Macdonald and Frame Discreet Cinematographer Michael Leblanc. Frame grabs above are from a look I created for the project.  I’m utilizing Cineform’s NEO4K package with First Light to create non-destructive looks on and off set.  Shot with our beautiful, versatile SI2K camera package.

Regular 16mm – full frame HD – transfer

Saturday, December 18th, 2010

Recent HD film transfer for our friend Sebastjan Henrickson at Niagara Custom Lab. If you need s8/16 processed in Toronto, he’s the man to go to!  This is some old 16mm film he’d shot, hand processed.  Overscanned to show frame lines and sprockets for a different, organic feel.  Very cool!

Super 16 2k/HD transfer

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

Super 16  Dance Film “Seven Seconds”- Shot in Toronto at by Frame Discreet cinematographer John Price.
Director: Michael Greyeyes for Imaginative Film Festival
Transfer: Frame Discreet Super 16 2k scan
Camera: Super 16 Aaton from LIFT

On Location – Satellite S16mm

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

A broken tracking shot follows a circular line through shops and buildings around the junction of Bloor St West and Lansdowne Avenue. Where the film is interrupted by walls and lack of permission or other obstacles, clear leader is inserted. The film is projected three times with a variable soundtrack. Had FD crew on board helping out makin’ it a breeze flying through the many setups.. Thanks Misha!

Short Film: “Satellite S16mm 20mins colour”
Camera: Aaton Super 16
Stock: Kodak 250D / 500T
Director: Redmond Entwistle
Cinematographer: Justin Lovell

Belladonna- Our 2k/HD raw data scanner

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

Codenamed Belladonna, our 2k/HD raw data scanner is just about complete. She’s incredible. Running at 24fps for reg8/sup8/max8/16/super16.. The scanner head is controlled by microprocessers and genlock commands to only scan in rock solid single frames. The X,Y positioning of the 2K scanner is controlled by a WII controller (feels like we’re playing video games when we setup for each transfer).

She goes well beyond HD. Scanning in RAW data files. What’s that mean? Means she’s able to hold more detail in the highlights and shadows during the scan. In fact she holds more detail that the film neg even has to begin with – we have to add contrast to the image during the color grading. So with Belladonna at Frame Discreet you are assured to get all the information off your film, shadows, highlights, everything! No lost information, so sacrifices like a typical transfer.

Currently we are the first to offer this service in all of Canada, and.. quite possibly the world for 2k raw data in the small format.

If you can’t tell… we’re really stoked about this major upgrade. Being able to support small format filmmakers (like ourselves) and archiving old films in the highest resolution we can provide.. so cool.

Belladonna 2k/hd raw data scanner, almost complete!

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

super 8/reg 8, sup16/reg 16.. she does it all.. in 2k Raw! What does that mean? No more lost detail in the shadows or the highlights on your reversal film. 11+stops dynamic range in our scanner head means, more range, more information, more.. umm better!

Super 8 shirts – Limited Edition

Saturday, October 24th, 2009

Custom Design by artist Mark Cabeuna
Limited run.
For the low low price of $15
(I’m not making anything on these, done just for the love of it).

All kinds of crazy color combinations available, including red, blue, black, grey, white, cream & neon green.

Email info@framediscreet.com with the size you want and I’ll let you what colors are still available. Going like hot cakes!

Cinematography Workshops- Yukon

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

After a crazy turn of events, I was invited to teach a Frame Discreet cinematography/lighting workshop in the Yukon this summer. The workshop was for younger students interested in learning more about filmmaking. The workshop focused on natural lighting, lenses and basic photography concepts.

The images above are from some of the practical lessons, evaluating bounced lighting/no lighting and the different feelings you can evoke simply based on lens selection.

The gals taking the workshop were super keen and I’m looking forward to our follow up workshop to see what they create with their new knowledge!

SI2K Camera Package for Rental

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

Justin Lovell’s new SI2k mini Setup at Frame Discreet (same camera used to shoot Slumdog, and inserts on Ironman 2, Sherlock Holmes.. etc..) Alternative solution to shooting RED cam.

Rental Packages start at $400-$1000 depending on your needs.
Package only rents with a Frame Discreet Cinematographer on set (insures no technical issues).

Arri Matte box, Petroff DV cameras Universal Support, Dv Multirig, Cinearm Noga arm, Xenarc LCD Touchscreen 702TSV.
Records to a solidstate 12″ touch screen Toshiba Laptop. 40gig = 1 hour of 2k in cineform RAW QT or AVI.
Not bad, lightweight. 🙂
Backpack with lenses and batteries for ultra portability in 2k.
Currently supporting cmount lenses 5.9mm t1.8, 25mm t-0.95, 50mm t-0.95, 16-100 t-1.9 Zoom + others… Nikon or PL Lenses can be adapted.

Sound- H4N Zoom recorder -separate system SD OR straight to Hard Drive married to video file.

Contact us for info. info@framediscreet.com 416.803.1101

Enjoying another sunny day…

Red / SI2k Comparison

Friday, May 29th, 2009

We recently invested in a SI2k mini camera- same one used on Slumdog Millionaire. We’re bidding to shoot a commercial project for the Olympics. A comparison between the RED one and the SI2k was eminent. We were kindly loaned Toronto based Ben Goldenberg’s RED ONE and had our footage processed by the friendly fellas at RED LAB Toronto. Walt @ Red Lab had us in and colored the footage with his technical eye. The Si2k has a slight bit more latitude, finer grained noise in the shadows and most importantly a easier workflow on set and in post. Though to be honest, the images from both cameras were quite comparable, but not film.

Currently in development to use the SI2k mini for film scans of super 8 and 16 to 2k.. shhhhh…
Can you spot the Si2k mini in the pictures?

Cinematographer Collective – New Member – Mikhail Petrenko

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

Most recent addition to our Cinematographer Collective – Mikhail Petrenko (usually going by what he calls his friendly name, Misha). Super guy with a very passionate approach to cinematography. When he’s not shooting films, he’s honing his eye with still photography, trudging around in natural landscapes studying the light. He often tells me about his dreams to create a free cinematography based school where people can learn and teach in an open environment flourishing with new ideas. http://mpetrenko.com/

2006 Cinematographer Demo Reel

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

My demo reel from 2006. Stumbled across it in my archives, figured I’d share it with you guys. All film originated. Mix of super 8 and 16mm.

Cinematographer: Justin Lovell
Format: Super 8, 16mm

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