Super 8 Transfer Samples- 500T 7219

Sunday, October 4th, 2009

Super 8 500t (7219) – Shot in Toronto at Troublez bboy Jam @ Ryerson Campus
Transfer: Frame Discreet
Camera: Canon 1014xls MODIFIED to Super duper 8 (aka Max 8) with c-8 wide angle adapter – hence the vignette. Unmatted, full frame

Wedding Doc – Superduper 8 & Super 16

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

Shot by cinematographer Justin Lovell for Matt & Michelle Crowly. Mixed film formats, superduper 8 (max 8), super 16. Cross processed all black and white Tri-x as a negative. Cross processed some Ektachrome 64T on super 8 giving some crazy color shifts- also added a little more contrast in the xfer (hard to see in this version but this type of processing also makes the grain more pronounced). Custom processing carried out by Niagara Custom Lab.

The wedding ceremony and part of the reception was shot on 250D 7205 on super 16. Ceremony was fun to shoot, using our bolex S16 package. 1 man crew, Justin still managed to get 2 dolly shots off during the ceremony 🙂 Stylistically I shot all the S8 handheld and all the 16mm on sticks. Didn’t matte the widescreen, I liked the look of the frame lines composing the image. You can really see the vignette on certain focal lengths on the super duper 8 modification. This gives you a good chance to see the stability difference between Super 8 and 16mm. Oh and I shot portions of the reception at the end at 9fps with a 220 deg. shutter to get more light onto the image.

Editing has a rough, raw feel to it, asserting most of the edits in camera. Enjoy the collage of formats and processing techniques 🙂

Stock: Super 8- Kodak 7217 (200T), 7218 (500T), Ektachrome 64T, Tri-X 16mm – 7205 (250D).
Format: Max 8 (super duper 8), Super 16
Cameras: Canon 1014xls Superduper 8mm, Bolex Super 16 (POE 16-100 Zoom)
Cinematographer: Justin Lovell
Transfer: Justin Lovell @ Frame Discreet

Super 16/Super 8/Max 8 Comparisons

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

Nice test for you to see how the different formats compare when using the same stock. (Click images for larger versions). FYI Max 8 is a modification made to widen the gate of the camera allowing image to be recorded where sound used to be recorded. In the transfer you are able to ‘zoom out’ and see more of the image resulting in tighter grain and a 16×9 image area. There are some limitations to this modification though as you’re not able to see the extra are in the viewfinder of the camera and certain focal lengths will vignette.

Stock: Kodak 7218 500T
Format: Super 8, Max 8 (super duper 8), Super 16
Cameras: Canon 1014xls S8, Eclair NPR 16mm (lens Zeiss 11.5-115)
Cinematographer: Justin Lovell
Transfer: Justin Lovell @ Frame Discreet

SHORT FILM – Stuntman

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

Final web release for Stuntman. I’ve been Holding it back for long enough. One of the first transfers I ever did on the old transfer system.

Format: Super duper 8 (12 mins)
Stock: Kodachrome 40
Director/Cinematographer/Editor: Justin Lovell
Featuring Troy Feldman and Anna Maria-Ezekiels.

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