Monday, April 25th, 2016

Why REELSIDE Used Super8


REELSIDE is a documentary series which showcases the journeys of some of the most celebrated filmmakers in the industry. We had the pleasure of scanning a variety of super 8 footage that was used throughout the show.

This is what Reggie Grey, co-director of REELSIDE “Superheroes” had to say about the integration of Super8 into the episode:

“This episode had a very specific set of rules; every shot was on a tripod or slider unless motivated by seeing the director on camera with the handheld B-Cam. This device made the handheld shots become the director’s eye, and the audience saw exactly what he was looking at. 8mm film took the intimacy a step further. It’s warm, it’s fuzzy, it’s alive. It’s everything digital is not. In this application it disarmed the audience, gave them a nudge of, “it’s you and me and we’re making home movies!” and truly strapped them in right next to our storyteller while he took his journey.”

The series was recently nominated for two 2016 CSA Awards, and is available on demand through TMN, TMN Go and Movie Central.

Check out the trailer here:


Frame Discreet Cineducation

Monday, January 11th, 2016


Q and A:  why did Canon use weird names for their cameras?

Actually,  Canon was quite clever in their approach!   The 1014xls stands for 10:1 zoom, t-1.4 lens,  existing light shutter (220 degree shutter).

So a 310xls would be a 3:1 zoom,  t-1.0 lens.  Existing light 220 degree shutter.

Xls shutter gives you 1/2 stop more light to the image then a traditional 180 degree shutter.   Better in low light.

Though the sacrifice with a Xls camera is there is more motion blur from keeping the shutter open longer.   For you photographers out there, it’s comparative to approx shooting at 1/50th (180 degree shutter)  to 1/30 (220 degree shutter).


* the 1014e and 814e (for electronic)  models have a variable switchable shutter.

Open=150 degrees @ 18fps:1/43 sec @ 24fps: 1/58 sec
2=75 degrees @ 18fps: 1/86 sec @ 24fps: 1/115 sec
4=37degrees @ 18fps: 1/173 sec @ 24fps: 1/230 sec

** the xls models have a icon for sun /shade that switches from a 150 to 220 degree shutter.


Justin Lovell
Assoc CSC Cinematographer

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