Mike Shannon, before and after Colour Grade, Mask and No-Mask…

Monday, June 27th, 2016

Our friend Mike Shannon brought us 3 film prints, this is just part of what we did…

Check out the comparisons below.  Slide the bar to see the difference in a Super 8 mm print before and after a timed colour-grade and correction process and a Premium 5K Scan of Mike’s 16mm film Print No Charge with and without a pillar-boxed mask.  Whatever you need for your digital post-production process, we can provide!

Super 8mm Film 2K Timed Scan a before and after picture:

…and a 16mm Film 5K Timed Scan of Print No Charge, No-Mask vs. Masked







Teaser to Matthew Wade’s New Film How The Sky Will Melt!

Friday, May 30th, 2014

Press PLAY to watch the teaser of How The Sky Will Melt!

Super 8mm Specifications:
219 cartridges / 10,950ft
All film is Vision3 200T and 500T
Shot on a Bauer c109xl

How the Sky Will Melt (teaser) from Matthew Wade on Vimeo.









Matthew Wade ~ How The Sky Will Melt ~ Feature Film shot on Super8!

Friday, February 7th, 2014

Film Stock: Kodak Vision3 200T & 500T


Transfer Method: 2K-Timed   Frame Rate: 24fps   Transfer Rate: 24fps

Untitled_2.3.1 Untitled_2.2.1

219 Super 8mm Cartridges… Total feet of film: 10,950

Untitled_1.7.1 Untitled_2.1.1



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