35mm Anamorphic – Flat vs. Timed scan

Monday, May 16th, 2016

Stunning 35mm Anamorphic shot by talented Cinematographer John Price.

With a flat scan we provide you with all the raw details in the scan for you to tweak.

With a timed scan our creative colorists to make your film shine.  This can be done when you have your film scanned, or bring it back to us once you have it edited and we can sit down and color grade it with you.







35MM Film Scans NOW at Frame Discreet!

Friday, April 17th, 2015

Did you know, we can now scan 35MM film in up to 5K resolution!

Check out David Massar 35MM still frames from his inter-positive print…

massar_35mm_kodak_inter_positive_motion_picture_film_stills_1.6.1 massar_35mm_kodak_inter_positive_motion_picture_film_stills_1.5.2 massar_35mm_kodak_inter_positive_motion_picture_film_stills_1.3.1


These were made from an interpositive, intermediate positive, IP or master positive which is an orange-based motion picture film with a positive image made from the edited camera negative. The orange base provides special color characteristics that allow for more accurate color reproduction than if the IP had a clear base, as in print films. -wikipedia.org

Talk to us about our 35MM options!

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