Super 8 transfer for Jacky Mills – 500T

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

Recent 2k Scan for Jacquelyn Mills. She shot 500T on a bright sunny day and got some great results. Kept a fairly neutral look for her… I’m sure the happy couple will love the timeless footage you captured!

super 8mm 500t - Frame Discreet 2k / HD Transfersuper 8mm 500t - Frame Discreet 2k / HD Transfer

Documentary – “Ben’s Rhapsody”

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

A Documentary about Tourette Syndrome that I shot and scanned here at Frame Discreet. See below post for more details. An inspiring subject and very interesting to learn about how Ben has had to deal with the syndrome. Glad to have been a part of getting his story out.

Directors: Lena Lee, Kelly Uman
Cinematographer: Justin Lovell
Camera: Eclair NPR, Bolex Rex-5, Bolex H-8
Transfer: Frame Discreet
Editing: Dean Vargas / Motion Pantry
Sound: Steve Ejbick

Regular 8mm *unsplit* 2k transfer

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Documentary I shot with Lena Lee about Tourettes.  Shot the first 25′ normally, then flipped the camera upside down and shot the 2nd 25′ (first image posted we forgot to flip the camera).  This makes the left image play in reverse (but right side up) and the left image play normally.  I decided to shoot the left image as wide shots.  The right image I shot all closeups  (the viewers are less likely to notice closeups in reverse).  Opened the door to the camera between shots to give an organic light leak onto the footage between shots.  Color corrected for a more neutral color space, rather than the funky cross processed saturation.  Our RAW data scanner gives us lots of flexibility over the color correction.  Turned out just beautifully!

Cinematographer: Justin Lovell

Camera: Bolex p3

Stock: Regular 8mm 100d Cross-Processed at Niagara Custom Lab. Stock purchased at LIFT.

Super 16mm 2k transfer

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Some frame grabs from a Doc I’m working on with Lena Lee from Saatchi & Saatchi.  Beautiful short doc. about Tourettes.  We shot it all on Regular 8mm and Super 16mm – even the interviews.  The 3374 high con looks stunning, I was blown away by how much detail this stock has.  I rated it at 120asa which gives plenty of room for detail in the highlights during our flat scan.  Man, I love film…

Cinematographer: Justin Lovell

Camera: Eclair NPR S16 – Linos Cmount Primes

Stock: Expired 250d/Kodak, 3374 high con b/w, double X b/w Neg

Color Correction for Junos/Bravo!

Friday, January 21st, 2011

A documentary I’m working on with Director Bruce Macdonald and Frame Discreet Cinematographer Michael Leblanc. Frame grabs above are from a look I created for the project.  I’m utilizing Cineform’s NEO4K package with First Light to create non-destructive looks on and off set.  Shot with our beautiful, versatile SI2K camera package.

16mm 2k transfer- bboy battles

Friday, December 24th, 2010

Cinematographer: Justin Lovell

Camera: Eclair NPR S16 – Zeiss 11.5-115 + kinoptik 5.7mm

Stock: Expired 500T fuji/Kodak

Shot 2 years ago, I just re-transferred it in 2k.  It was an awesome battle to film.  I had our EZFX jib arm setup and 8′ of track running alongside.  Also had Naz Melconian shooting B-cam inserts/reaction closeups of the competitors on Super 8 500T (max 8 modified Canon 1014 XL-S).  The super 8’s resolution in closeup shots is fantastic, and it’s gonna cut together great with the super 16!

16mm HD transfer – John Price

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Frame grab from John Price’s 16mm HD film transfer.  Pillarboxed to 4:3.  Shot with some old stock in John’s Bolex, the texture and tonal range still looks great… click the image to see the grain, no digital plasticy feel…ahh.. film…

Regular 16mm – full frame HD – transfer

Saturday, December 18th, 2010

Recent HD film transfer for our friend Sebastjan Henrickson at Niagara Custom Lab. If you need s8/16 processed in Toronto, he’s the man to go to!  This is some old 16mm film he’d shot, hand processed.  Overscanned to show frame lines and sprockets for a different, organic feel.  Very cool!

HD Super 8 Transfer – “Billy Boy”

Monday, December 13th, 2010

Frame Grabs from a recent HD (umasked) transfer for Kelsey Stasiak.  Super 8 color negative film.  Beautiful footage, the super 8 texture really gives a sexy, raw feel!

Super 8 Tri-X, 500t neg

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

HD SCAN of Super 8 Reversal Tri-x & 7218 500t for Cinematographer Pouyan Fard of Lens Flare Films. Lots of latitude in our Belladonna Scanner, so we are able to capture all the detail in the shadows and the highlights. Image not pillar box matted to 4:3. Shows the full frame in a 16:9 aspect ratio. Great shooting Pouyan, I’m sure the couple will be super happy!

Super 8 Vision 3 7213 sample

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

Frames from a recent Standard Def transfer for our friend Brian Mosoff!

Because it was neg, we were able to pull information out of the shadows and highlights much more than reversal. The new vision 3 stock is quite amazing. Fine grained, and tons of latitude. Shot on his finely tuned Nizo s800.

Super 16 2k/HD transfer

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

Super 16  Dance Film “Seven Seconds”- Shot in Toronto at by Frame Discreet cinematographer John Price.
Director: Michael Greyeyes for Imaginative Film Festival
Transfer: Frame Discreet Super 16 2k scan
Camera: Super 16 Aaton from LIFT

On Location – Satellite S16mm

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

A broken tracking shot follows a circular line through shops and buildings around the junction of Bloor St West and Lansdowne Avenue. Where the film is interrupted by walls and lack of permission or other obstacles, clear leader is inserted. The film is projected three times with a variable soundtrack. Had FD crew on board helping out makin’ it a breeze flying through the many setups.. Thanks Misha!

Short Film: “Satellite S16mm 20mins colour”
Camera: Aaton Super 16
Stock: Kodak 250D / 500T
Director: Redmond Entwistle
Cinematographer: Justin Lovell

On Location – Nokia Commercial

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Exciting POV commercial I shot for Nokia, produced by One Method. Perfect project for the SI2K camera. Allowed us to shoot in a raw digital negative with tons of latitude. Actors could casually pass the SI2k camera head around from person to person giving a cool perspective from the POV of the cell phone. Seen this style in a few videos since we made it.

Commercial: “Nokia”
Camera: SI2K Mini
Stock: 1920×1080 Cineform Raw, 23.98
Director: Dave Grimes
Cinematographer: Justin Lovell

Belladonna- Our 2k/HD raw data scanner

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

Codenamed Belladonna, our 2k/HD raw data scanner is just about complete. She’s incredible. Running at 24fps for reg8/sup8/max8/16/super16.. The scanner head is controlled by microprocessers and genlock commands to only scan in rock solid single frames. The X,Y positioning of the 2K scanner is controlled by a WII controller (feels like we’re playing video games when we setup for each transfer).

She goes well beyond HD. Scanning in RAW data files. What’s that mean? Means she’s able to hold more detail in the highlights and shadows during the scan. In fact she holds more detail that the film neg even has to begin with – we have to add contrast to the image during the color grading. So with Belladonna at Frame Discreet you are assured to get all the information off your film, shadows, highlights, everything! No lost information, so sacrifices like a typical transfer.

Currently we are the first to offer this service in all of Canada, and.. quite possibly the world for 2k raw data in the small format.

If you can’t tell… we’re really stoked about this major upgrade. Being able to support small format filmmakers (like ourselves) and archiving old films in the highest resolution we can provide.. so cool.

Belladonna- Our 2k/HD raw data scanner

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

Our 2k raw data scanner – codenamed Belladonna, is just about complete. Here’s some of our test scans. Thanks to Jordana Aarons and Iris Ng for the film.
You’re looking at: Super 16 7222 (tri-x) 2k Raw data scan + Super 8 Tri-x (cross processed – underexposed 1 1/2 stops)
Both Shots were graded to feel like an old nosferatu style silent film. High contrast.

We’re pumped about the scanner.. she’s beautiful…

Belladonna 2k/hd raw data scanner, almost complete!

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

super 8/reg 8, sup16/reg 16.. she does it all.. in 2k Raw! What does that mean? No more lost detail in the shadows or the highlights on your reversal film. 11+stops dynamic range in our scanner head means, more range, more information, more.. umm better!

On Location- "Silver Starling – Closer" Music Video

Monday, March 1st, 2010

Innocent, simple 35mm music video shot by Frame Discreet cinematographer Michael Leblanc with FD Key crew -myself- 1st AC and our good friend Mick Reynolds gaffing. We used as much natural light as possible working around the schedule of the sun and where it was falling in the abandoned loft space. It got frigidly cold as the night progressed on without heat in the old building. The love and good times with the crew and talent kept everyone cheerful and rollin’ through the sillyness of the makeshift fort. Did I mention you can rent the 35mm Konvas camera for $45/day from LIFT and the filmstock was 1Cent/foot at Media Distributors? Better and cheaper than a Red package with technicians….

Music Video: “Silver Starling – Closer”
Camera: Konvas
Stock: 35mm Kodak 5219 (500T) 5205 (250D)
Director: Ante Kovac
Cinematographer: Michael Leblanc

On Location – Tegan and Sara

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

Latest Tegan and Sara ‘Alligator’ music video, shot by our own Frame Discreet Cinematographer Mike Leblanc! Cool little project, we shot on 2 Canon 7D cameras using our jib arm for a couple dynamic shots. Simple concept, well directed by Marc De Pape. Interested tid-bit – a lot of the out of focus snow flakes were shot as a separate element and composited in afterwards 🙂 Final Color correction done here at Frame Discreet. The 7d held up pretty well for color grading, only really fell apart when trying to brighten up a shot that was intentionally shot underexposed.
Music Video: “Tegan and Sara – Alligator”
Camera: Canon 7D
Format: 1920 x 1080, h.264
Director: Marc De Pape
Cinematographer: Michael Leblanc

On Location – POV snowboarding 2K

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Shooting some 2k/HD stock footage POV style of snowboarding. Later on we rigged up the camera to our helmet cam and went ‘handsfree’ 🙂 Also shot some footage on the GH1 DSLR to compare the 60fps high speed capabilities. The RAW on the si2k camera was awesome for holding detail in the bright snow, and dark shadows. Silicon Imaging really is amazing with their si2k camera… geez, shooting 2k with something that small!!

On Location Music Video – "Ina Unt Ina"

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Shot by our own Frame Discreet Cinematographer John Price, camera assisted by me, Justin!
Fun little project for the girls Ina Unt Ina (Celina Carroll and Christina Zeidler. They run the beautiful Gladstone Hotel in Toronto. We took advantage of this awesome space and with a limited budget and a little ingenuity, got some great shots! Not to mention the amazing lunch we had with them after the shoot in the Hotel… thanks girls, lookin’ forward to the next video!
Music Video:Ina Unt Ina “
Camera: XAH-1 Canon
Cinematographer: John Price

On Location – Harry Jerome

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

A National Film Board (NFB) feature doc shot with help from our Frame Discreet crew, headed by Cinematographer John Price. Charles Officer has done a great job in picking his locations and sculpting them to give character to the interviews. We shot all the re-inactments on 16mm high contrast b/w and it looks stunning. Interviews shot using the RED cam on a jib arm from our pal Felipe Rodriguez. Made friends with the actor- Nykeem Provo– and now he’s playing on our indoor soccer team! Love this job.
Short Doc: “Harry Jerome”
Camera: Red, Bolex 16mm, 5d mkII
Stock: high con 3374, 7218 (500t kodak)
Director: Charles Officer
Cinematographer: John Price

On location -"Spec Commercial Tests POV Helmet Cam"

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

Testing configurations for helmet cam rigs for the si2k for an upcoming commercial project. Was a wicked time running around hooked up to video goggles so I can see the perspective of the camera to match the perspective of .. oops.. almost gave it away.. project is super hush, hush right now..

Eyes peeled, planning on shooting the full project in April.
Thanks fellas at CQB Paintball for hookin’ us up!

Commercial: “Spec Commercial Tests”
Camera: SI2K Mini, 5.9 angenieux lens, mvyu video goggles
Stock: 1920×1080 Cineform Raw, 23.98
Director: Jeff Chan
Cinematographer: Justin Lovell

On Location- "Boonaa Mohammed – Green Card" – Music Video

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

Shot with our SI2K mini package, and small slighting kit. Double diffused the light source giving a very soft wrap around the artist and popped his eyes with a little catch light. Boonaa is an incredible artists and kept this approach very simple to let his presence shine through. The video posted does not have the final color correction applied to it.

“Boonaa Mohammed – Green Card”
Camera: SI2K Mini
Stock: 1920×1080 Cineform Raw, 23.98
Director: Hassan Jama
Cinematographer: Justin Lovell

On Location- "Nokia Surge" – Commercial

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

Great time working with Rob Piltchowski and Frame Discreet Cinematographer John Price. I was camera assisting on the job and had an fun time laying out the circular dolly track and rigging the camera for some high angle shots. Commercial can be seen here.. and I even made a cameo 😀

Nokia Surge

Commercial: “Nokia”
Camera: Sony V1U
Stock: 1920×1080
Director: Robert Pilichowski
Cinematographer: John Price

On Location- "Unity Charity"

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

Some more behind the scenes from the Unity Charity video that I’m working on.
Runnin’ around with the SI2k mini camera following around one of the craziest creative power bboys in Canada.

These kids are so lucky to have him as a mentor and a friend.

Promotional Video: “Unity Charity”
Camera: SI2K Mini
Format: 1920×1080 Cineform Raw, 23.98
Director: Mike Prosserman/Justin Lovell
Cinematographer: Justin Lovell

On Location- "The Bay"

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

Internal video for “The Bay”. Thanks to Storymasters for getting me involved. They’re a progressive company doing documentary and corporate films. I’ve worked with these guys a number of times and am always impressed with their approach to corporate videos. They leave me with a lot of creative freedom to attack it with a more cinematic approach to lighting and movement. Owner Randy Woolgar is fantastic with his directing and just.. well.. he just gets it.

Project: “The Bay”
Camera: XD HDCAM
Format: 1920×1080 30P
Cinematographer: Justin Lovell

Yukon Breakdancing – on location

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

Having a background in breakdancing, shooting dance films and traveling around the globe for documentaries led me into this wicked project… I was flown up North to find myself shooting breakdancing on helicopter landing pads in the mountains.

The project was to document the ‘Klondike Heat Bboy Battle’. There was also an intensive 1 week breakin’/popping/locking/hip hop workshop happening. My job was to document the event and help create a promo video for the Yukon based GWS bboy crew.

Shot on the SI2k camera, with a skeleton crew it was a real challenge. I also taught a photography workshop and the girls I taught came out to help with the shoot and learn about lighting and cinematography. Thanks girls, you were awesome!

Thank you Andrea Simpson-Fowler for getting me involved in this project.. you rock!

Project: “Yukon Breakdancing”
Camera: SI2K Mini
Format: 1920×1080 Cineform Raw, 23.98
Cinematographer: Justin Lovell

Super 8 shirts – Limited Edition

Saturday, October 24th, 2009

Custom Design by artist Mark Cabeuna
Limited run.
For the low low price of $15
(I’m not making anything on these, done just for the love of it).

All kinds of crazy color combinations available, including red, blue, black, grey, white, cream & neon green.

Email with the size you want and I’ll let you what colors are still available. Going like hot cakes!

New World Samurai – Promo Spot #1

Monday, October 12th, 2009

Click to download MP4

Profiles 1 v.1 Promotional spot #1 for New World Samurai/Karma Studios. Shot on location in Canmore, Alberta. Fun project to work on, being allowed to explore the inner workings of an impressive tattoo studio & gallery. The artists at NWS are awesome. Really pumped about the images I was able to create with the T-0.95 lens, beautifully shallow depth of field and soft vignette. Lit by sculpting the natural and existing lighting with an instinctive documentary approach. Thanks to Steve Cosens for the inspiration to shoot this style.

Music Composition by the talented Byron Wong.
Camera: Panasonic GH-1, Schneider Xenon 25mm 0.95
Format: 720p, 59.94 AVCHD – interpreted to 23.98 Cineform
Cinematographer: Justin Lovell
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