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Monday, January 11th, 2016


Q and A:  why did Canon use weird names for their cameras?

Actually,  Canon was quite clever in their approach!   The 1014xls stands for 10:1 zoom, t-1.4 lens,  existing light shutter (220 degree shutter).

So a 310xls would be a 3:1 zoom,  t-1.0 lens.  Existing light 220 degree shutter.

Xls shutter gives you 1/2 stop more light to the image then a traditional 180 degree shutter.   Better in low light.

Though the sacrifice with a Xls camera is there is more motion blur from keeping the shutter open longer.   For you photographers out there, it’s comparative to approx shooting at 1/50th (180 degree shutter)  to 1/30 (220 degree shutter).


* the 1014e and 814e (for electronic)  models have a variable switchable shutter.

Open=150 degrees @ 18fps:1/43 sec @ 24fps: 1/58 sec
2=75 degrees @ 18fps: 1/86 sec @ 24fps: 1/115 sec
4=37degrees @ 18fps: 1/173 sec @ 24fps: 1/230 sec

** the xls models have a icon for sun /shade that switches from a 150 to 220 degree shutter.


Justin Lovell
Assoc CSC Cinematographer

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