Lasergraphics Scanstation 5k – 8/16/35mm has ARRIVED.

Wednesday, February 18th, 2015

Pleased to announce our new scanner! 

Lasergraphics Scanstation 8mm 16mm 35mm to 5k film scanner Lasergraphics Scanstation 8mm 16mm 35mm to 5k film scannerLasergraphics Scanstation 8mm 16mm 35mm to 5k film scanner   Lasergraphics Scanstation 8mm 16mm 35mm to 5k film scanner

I spent the last 3 years testing and visiting different scanner manufacturers.  The last test we did sealed the deal.  Spent 2 days with the engineers at Lasergraphics in LA and was blown away by the quality of the scans.  I tried everything to find a flaw in their scanner.. under exposed, over exposed, neg, reversal, shrunken, warped, brittle, sound, mag & optical… everything.. and it beat me every time.

Hands down the best multiformat Scanner available.

Certain FX houses have switched having 35mm scans done on the ARRISCANNER because they claim the registration is better on the Scanstation.  I believe it.  The optical registration blows my mind on how jitter free and solid it is.

If you can’t tell… we’re really excited by this.  So much so that we acquired the first and only 5k 8/16/35mm model in North America.

Thanks for all your continued support to help us reach this milestone at Frame Discreet.



2 responses to “Lasergraphics Scanstation 5k – 8/16/35mm has ARRIVED.”

  1. Moises Perez says:


    My name is Moises Perez, a.k.a. MOY. I’d like to scan four color negative Super 8 rolls (200 ft.) the film is already processed, and prepared for transfer. I’d like to get a 24p DPX 4K 4096×2160 data file. How mucho would it cost?

    Also, what’s the 5K resolution frame size in pixels for Super 8?


  2. Framedis says:

    Hey Moises,

    Sorry this ended up in our spam. Can we help you? Please email to respond. Thanks!

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