A testimonial by Ryder White & Alexandra Caulfield.

Monday, April 14th, 2014

“Our project involved teaching film workshops in small and rural towns all across Canada in which participants learned to shoot and hand process their own Super 8mm movies. The seventy-odd rolls that comprised our collection by the end were beautiful and fantastic, but having been developed in buckets in an improvised mobile darkroom and subsequently projected several times, they were in rough shape.

The final product of this effort was to be a gallery exhibition in Vancouver that would showcase the films in ten separate projections so that visitors could “walk through” the images. Analog projection was out of the question for logistical reasons, so we turned to Frame Discreet for digitization. And what a result! After what must have surely been a challenging prep task, Lianna pulled off impressive timing on the footage and was even able to accommodate our request for a sped-up timeline after we were offered an earlier opening date at our gallery.

Thank you so much, Frame Discreet! You’re the best!

Ryder White & Alexandra Caulfield
Co-Founders, Canadian Frame(lines)”

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