4 Days In April – Trailer

Sunday, April 14th, 2013

4 Days in April : The Mike Weir Story – Trailer from Project10 on Vimeo.
Director: Kevin Foley
Producer: Byron Kent Wong / Project 10
Cinematographer: Justin Lovell / Vinnit Borrison
Camera: SI2K mini / Cinedeck Recorder / Linos/Kowa Prime Lenses / Switar 16-100 zoom / Red Epic

Trailer for the Mike Weir Documentary I shot with Project 10.  Airing on TSN / GLOBAL before the 2013 Masters.  Shot 90% on our si2k cinema package alongside Vinnit Borrison and his Red Epic.  One of the most exciting projects that I’ve been on.  Not as dangerous as some of the docs I’ve worked on and not as extreme as some of the action films I’ve shot.  However, I grew up on a golf range we built.  Spent my time filling divots, cutting grass and picking up and washing golf balls every day.  Both my father and bro are PGA members so I grew up with golf in my blood.  It was like a dream come true interviewing my childhood heroes.  An opportunity I won’t ever forget.  I love being a cinematographer.


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