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Sunday, October 21st, 2012

Recent commercial I camera operated for Frame Discreet Cinematographer Mikhail Petrenko. Was a great experience. See below for his notes

Today was the official launch of the ad campaign by ATU Local 113 called Protecting What Matters. Together with AIRCASTLE Productions we spent over three months working on 23 print ads, 2 web videos, 3 TV and one 90 second theatrical ad. Capturing TTC maintenance workers in operating subway tunnels, maintenance shops and service facilities was an exciting challenge, therefore we decided to use extreme slow motion approach to create the right atmosphere and communicate the message. Our weapons of choice were Phantom Flex by Vision Research and Red Epic provided by SIM Digital, Lighting and Grip by WHITES and Color Correction by AIRCASTLE. Huge THANK YOU to our crew who were always on the ball no mater how many thousands fps cameras were set for. The theatrical version is playing in virtually every theater in town, or if you miss it, watch it HERE.

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