Regular 8mm / Super 8mm Comparison

Monday, December 12th, 2011

super 8 regular 8mm comparison

Curious about the difference between Super 8 & Regular 8?
Here is a visual comparison for you (super 8 on the right).

Super 8mm changes/improvements:
– Smaller sprocket hole results in more useable image area on the film left to right.
– better resolution & sharper images due to a bigger image recorded on the film
– trade off – film came in a ‘cartridge’. Convenient, however… the cartridge has a built in plastic pressure plate. Regular 8mm came on a spool, and the used the camera’s metal pressure plate. The pressure plate is critical for having good registration / less jitter. So while regular 8mm could potentially produce more stable images, the images may not be as high resolution (softer).

I still love threading up an old regular 8mm camera though. They’re so beautiful and have features many super 8 cameras do not have! Want to get some regular 8mm film? Try

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