Regular 16mm HD transfer- Lianna Hillerup

Sunday, November 27th, 2011


Our very own colorist, Lianna Hillerup, experimenting with High Contrast 3374 16mm film stock.  Hand processed and full of texture.. Organic and raw.. take that digital!


4 responses to “Regular 16mm HD transfer- Lianna Hillerup”

  1. This is truly gorgeous. I’ve wanted to try 3374 for a long time; I’m really impressed with the fine grain structure and tonal latitude that can apparently be achieved with such a high-contrast stock. What ISO do you rate it at? Does it require push processing?

  2. Framedis says:

    It is a gorgeous stock…!

    I rate it at 125asa.
    I have not tried push processing it, but that could be interesting!

  3. Berny Hi says:

    Super groovy! I like how your hand processing made a cosmos texture. Do you have a breakdown of what your hand processing steps were? I’d be curious to see. I do a fairly rough one in buckets and gloves. Beat the shit out of it sometimes. I’ve only worked with Kodak stocks though, lots of 7222 and plus-x / tri-x. My colour processing sucks.

  4. Lianna Hillerup says:

    Thank-you kindly!
    I believe I used D-19 developer, processed as neg in a morse tank. Extra texture was probably from drying the film after it came in contact with some debris from the floor.
    Colour processing is tricky, many steps and temperature is key!

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