Super 8mm HD transfer – Damon D’Oliveira

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Super 8mm 100D Super 8mm 100D Super 8mm 100D

We must give credit to Maxime Desmons who shot all of these great images. We’re finding that the colours in Extachrome 100D are reminiscent of the wonderfully saturated colours of Kodachrome. With Kodak’s improvements in film technology, it almost looks like what their 16mm grain structure used to look like but on Super 8mm!

2 responses to “Super 8mm HD transfer – Damon D’Oliveira”

  1. NaME says:

    Did Damon D’Oliveira take these photos?? Or is that supposed to be him as a kid??? it don’t look like him.

  2. Framedis says:

    I think Damon was the director 🙂

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