Regular 8mm *unsplit* 2k transfer

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Documentary I shot with Lena Lee about Tourettes.  Shot the first 25′ normally, then flipped the camera upside down and shot the 2nd 25′ (first image posted we forgot to flip the camera).  This makes the left image play in reverse (but right side up) and the left image play normally.  I decided to shoot the left image as wide shots.  The right image I shot all closeups  (the viewers are less likely to notice closeups in reverse).  Opened the door to the camera between shots to give an organic light leak onto the footage between shots.  Color corrected for a more neutral color space, rather than the funky cross processed saturation.  Our RAW data scanner gives us lots of flexibility over the color correction.  Turned out just beautifully!

Cinematographer: Justin Lovell

Camera: Bolex p3

Stock: Regular 8mm 100d Cross-Processed at Niagara Custom Lab. Stock purchased at LIFT.

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