16mm 2k transfer- bboy battles

Friday, December 24th, 2010

Cinematographer: Justin Lovell

Camera: Eclair NPR S16 – Zeiss 11.5-115 + kinoptik 5.7mm

Stock: Expired 500T fuji/Kodak

Shot 2 years ago, I just re-transferred it in 2k.  It was an awesome battle to film.  I had our EZFX jib arm setup and 8′ of track running alongside.  Also had Naz Melconian shooting B-cam inserts/reaction closeups of the competitors on Super 8 500T (max 8 modified Canon 1014 XL-S).  The super 8’s resolution in closeup shots is fantastic, and it’s gonna cut together great with the super 16!

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