Belladonna- Our 2k/HD raw data scanner

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

Codenamed Belladonna, our 2k/HD raw data scanner is just about complete. She’s incredible. Running at 24fps for reg8/sup8/max8/16/super16.. The scanner head is controlled by microprocessers and genlock commands to only scan in rock solid single frames. The X,Y positioning of the 2K scanner is controlled by a WII controller (feels like we’re playing video games when we setup for each transfer).

She goes well beyond HD. Scanning in RAW data files. What’s that mean? Means she’s able to hold more detail in the highlights and shadows during the scan. In fact she holds more detail that the film neg even has to begin with – we have to add contrast to the image during the color grading. So with Belladonna at Frame Discreet you are assured to get all the information off your film, shadows, highlights, everything! No lost information, so sacrifices like a typical transfer.

Currently we are the first to offer this service in all of Canada, and.. quite possibly the world for 2k raw data in the small format.

If you can’t tell… we’re really stoked about this major upgrade. Being able to support small format filmmakers (like ourselves) and archiving old films in the highest resolution we can provide.. so cool.

3 responses to “Belladonna- Our 2k/HD raw data scanner”

  1. Derek VG says:

    Fantastic! Thrilled to hear it. Can't wait to see some more results.

  2. bill Dunn says:


    On a 16mmm sound answer print scan can you save it in AVI editing format? Or? I’m on PremPro Intel.

  3. Framedis says:

    We recommend quick time prores for the best compatibility and quality. Seems to be the smoothest codec for most workflow.

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