On Location- "Silver Starling – Closer" Music Video

Monday, March 1st, 2010

Innocent, simple 35mm music video shot by Frame Discreet cinematographer Michael Leblanc with FD Key crew -myself- 1st AC and our good friend Mick Reynolds gaffing. We used as much natural light as possible working around the schedule of the sun and where it was falling in the abandoned loft space. It got frigidly cold as the night progressed on without heat in the old building. The love and good times with the crew and talent kept everyone cheerful and rollin’ through the sillyness of the makeshift fort. Did I mention you can rent the 35mm Konvas camera for $45/day from LIFT and the filmstock was 1Cent/foot at Media Distributors? Better and cheaper than a Red package with technicians….

Music Video: “Silver Starling – Closer”
Camera: Konvas
Stock: 35mm Kodak 5219 (500T) 5205 (250D)
Director: Ante Kovac
Cinematographer: Michael Leblanc

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