On Location- "Boonaa Mohammed – Green Card" – Music Video

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

Shot with our SI2K mini package, and small slighting kit. Double diffused the light source giving a very soft wrap around the artist and popped his eyes with a little catch light. Boonaa is an incredible artists and kept this approach very simple to let his presence shine through. The video posted does not have the final color correction applied to it.

“Boonaa Mohammed – Green Card”
Camera: SI2K Mini
Stock: 1920×1080 Cineform Raw, 23.98
Director: Hassan Jama
Cinematographer: Justin Lovell

One response to “On Location- "Boonaa Mohammed – Green Card" – Music Video”

  1. Nazar Melconian says:

    THIS is GREAT! Let me join you on something similar…this sort of project makes a whole lotta sense to me – FANTASTIC!


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