On Location- "Tomasi" Music Video

Monday, July 13th, 2009

Shot in the beautiful Gladstone Hotel in Toronto, Mikhail Petrenko did another gorgeous job lighting these tight spaces. We chose to shoot SI2k over the Red Camera for its small size and ability to be moved around quickly and easily. In one case – being tight for time – we had to get an over the shoulder shot of the model as she sat on the bed watching TV. We simply gripped a Cstand with a magic arm and armed it out behind the model with the SI2k on the end. Quick stable and easy setup that could have taken much longer with any other camera capable of 2k resolution! The shoot ran a little longer than usual, but we had the FD crew rockin’ it with a great team enjoying every minute of it (even as standins for the performers…haha)!

Music Video:
Camera: SI2k Mini- Angenieux 12-120mm, Switar 10mm/25mm, Schneider Xenon 50mm t-0.95. Recording to Solid State Toshiba Portege M750
Format: 2048×1080 Cineform raw
Director: Jeff Chan & Ludovic Chovino
Mikhail Petrenko

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  1. Kiran says:

    Hope Misha's wife doesn't see that pic with him and the girls.

    – Kiran

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