On Location- "This Movie is Broken" Short Film – Bruce McDonald

Monday, July 13th, 2009

Ever been onstage at the Harbourfront in Toronto for Broken Social Scene with 6 red cameras filming the event? I have.. and it was awwweesoommee! Grateful for the experience to work again with Bruce and a very talented group of cinematographers and focus pullers. FD crew Mikhail Petrenko, John Price, Michael Leblanc and myself were all on hand lighting the after party and rockin out on the main cameras on the main stage. Afterparty was all rigged with china balls with 60W bulbs which barely gave enough exposure. They were immediately swapped out to 40W bulbs as soon as we wrapped shooting to maintain a darker enviroment for the guests. We also had a few 1k lights bouncing light around off walls and heavily diffused, to bring up the ambient light.

“This Movie is Broken” – Short Film
Camera: 6 Red Cameras, 35mm Konvas, Canon 814XLS Super 8 & HVX-200 (for the afterparty)
Format: Red Raw 4k 23.98
Director: Bruce McDonald
Cinematographers: Mike Leblanc & John Price

2 responses to “On Location- "This Movie is Broken" Short Film – Bruce McDonald”

  1. Kar Wai says:

    Hey Justin…nice meeting you on Saturday. Great BTS photos!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yeah. That was fun.


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