On Location- "Beautiful Monster" short film

Monday, July 13th, 2009

An interesting short film where we combined 16mm 3374 high contrast film (for a 70’s documentary feel) and 35mm 5218 for a slicker contemporary feel as the film evolves at the end. Had a great time on set with the FD crew, Michael Leblanc and Misha Petrenko. Attached frames are from the film stock/camera test showing the 3374 film stock rated at 160ASA cross-processed at Niagara Custom Lab. Transferred here at Frame Discreet. 3374 is an awesome black and white film stock that can be purchased from Kodak in 2000′ minimum orders for under $200! That’s 1 hour of shooting time, an affordable REAL film look!

Video: “Beautiful Monster” Short Film
Camera: Eclair NPR 16mm & Konvas 35mm
Format: 16mm 3374 / 35mm 5229
Director: Tony Romano
Michael Leblanc

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