Super 8 Transfer Samples- "Sheila’s Day Off"

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

Super 8/RED Short “Sheila’s Day Off”.

A great little short film shot on both RED camera and super 8. Seasoned actress’ Heidi Tan and Amanda Lewis co-produced this project– Amanda Lewis’ directorial debut. Taking a challenging approach Richard Fiander shot all the super 8 on ektachrome 64t. A tough stock to use for interiors because of its slow speed. Most people would choose to shoot this with the negative 200/500 ASA film stocks for the extra latitude and speed. Richard ended up pushing the processing in certain shots to be able to maintain exposure. Good on ‘ya for taking a less conventional approach!

Camera: Rollei SL85 & RED
Format: Super 8mm

Ektachrome 64t
Cinematographer: Richard Fiander

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