Frame Discreet on Location in Guyana

Monday, January 19th, 2009

I’m working on a fantastic documentary in Guyana right now with Christy Garland and Kathleen Smith. We are travelling through the Interior and Georgetown following the life of the songbirds used in songbird racing/fighting. It’s an interesting project where you’ll find a mix of macho men carrying around tiny cages competing their birds against eachother in ‘singing battles’. Lots of money is on the line in these races leaving many locals quite happy, or quite angry. So far I’ve been able to visit some beautiful villages in the interior and met some incredible people. I’m here till the 29th of January and look forward to every minute of it. Frame Discreet’s transfer studio is still open working away (seceretly finalizing some HD/2k scan testing in talks with Silicon Imaging, Iridas and Digital Vision for a RAW DI workflow.. shhh)…

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