On Location- Team Ryouko

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

Just got back in town, and went right back onto set. Shot a fight scene for the Team Ryouko boys, (recently stunt doubled on Jumper, WAR, The Mummy, 300). James and Chris Mark headed the production as the heroes and Directed by Mark David (Mayhem videos). We Shot with 2 Panasonic HVXs alongside my 2nd camera op Devon Burns. Story takes place in a night club- during the day. Two brothers who have been separated since birth, one chose the gang path of violence, the other a clean lifestyle. Both excelling in martial arts. They are reunited later in life. They both enter the club to fight off against a gang of thugs. Stylistically we chose to shoot the tough, troubled brother handheld long lenses and the ‘good brother’ was shot with steadicam, dolly and smooth jib shots. I cranked down the shutter to 90 degrees giving us crisper frenetic frames and let the action take control.

720P P2
Camera: 2 HVX-200
Mark David
Cinematographer: Justin Lovell

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