On Location- "ICON"

Saturday, May 10th, 2008

I got a great opportunity to shoot a short film for Kathleen Smith last week. After many discussions, we decided to shoot on the HVX 720p and super 16mm. The film is a narrative piece influenced by the work of Werner Herzog. Shot over the course of a day, Smith walks 35kms from Bloor/Bathurst (toronto) to the Metro Zoo (5:30am-7:30pm).

I really wanted to steer clear of the typical handheld, reality tv, documentary feeling. So in taking a more cinematic approach to documentary storytelling, I shot 80% of the film on our Jib arm and dolly track. Fellow cinematographer Guy Godfree was on location and helped develop a solid workflow with the Jib that took us mere minutes to have it out of the wagon and ready to shoot.

A large portion of the film was shot at 30 -48fps to give a more poetic look and to allow the narrative to breathe. We would have shot more film, but unfortunately the spring snapped on our bolex during our first roll. Sad day, but worked out for the best as we really couldn’t afford the reload time. Camera is back with our Pal, Jean-Louis, at Concordia University for repairs. He is the only guy I will trust with my camera (he did our super 16 modification).

Premiere screening June 5th at The Theatre Centre 1087 Queen St. West 8pm.

7246 250D
Format: Super 16mm / 720P P2
Camera: Bolex Super 16 / HVX-200
Kathleen Smith
Cinematographer: Justin Lovell

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