On Location- Wedding Proposal

Monday, April 28th, 2008

Had a strange request from Mimmo & Naz last week. Got to shoot a proposal for a wedding on super 8. Adam Caputo (soon to be groom) arranged the whole thing to be shot without her knowing. Felt kinda like a spy with myself and cinematograper Guy Godfree sneaking around filming the happy couple having coffees and exploring the distillery district in Toronto. Used a Nikon 80-200 t 2.8 (with c-mount adapter) on sticks for some telephoto work. Bright sunny day for the most part, until the rain came down right in the middle of their meal. (Adam arranged one romantic table outside the resaurant for the proposal). Unfortunately they had to move inside- where it was too dark for me to get a descent exposure. We rigged him up with a wireless mic in the washroom (recording digitally to a Jukebox 3), and decided to have him propose in the rain on the open cobblestone street after the meal. It was beautiful.

Stock: 7217 200T Negative (Processed at Niagara Custom Lab)
Format: Super 8mm
Camera: Beaulieu 4008ZMII + Nikon 80-200mm (c-mount adapter) + Schneider 6-66, B Camera- Canon 1014XLS- Superduper 8, 24fps- transfer at 18fps
Cinematographers: Justin Lovell & Guy Godfree

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