On Location- "Suck it Up Princess"

Sunday, April 27th, 2008

I was on set today shooting Documentary style alongside Bongo (shoots So You Think You Can Dance). Project is Suck it up Princess. Headed by Hop To It Productions, the show will be airing on OMNI in Canada.

We shot inside a large banquet hall on the 33rd floor. Used 3 1200W HMIs bounced into foam core on a balcony to help create a nice even fill on the floor and to balance out all the window light pouring in. Little frustrating working with the DSR 570 because I couldn’t set the ZEBRAS to 100IRE. I like to be able to see where my whites clip at 100, but this camera only does max 90IRE. Brought out our JIB arm and got a few dynamic shots when I was able to. It was tough to sneak in the jib shots because I had a wide angle lens, two boom poles and a second camera man that I had to try and keep out of the frame.

Camera: Sony DSR 570
Show: Suck It Up Princess

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