On Location- Sony F900 on "Apollo’s Pad"

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

Frame Discreet Cinematographer Michael Leblanc just linked me with some production stills from “Apollo’s Pad”, a puppet show he is currently shooting. Leblanc is well respected for his 35mm and 16mm cinematography. Taking on a new challenge, he is shooting this all in HD with the Sony F900. The results have been stunning.

Camera: Sony F900
Filter: 1/4 black frost to help blowout the highlights a little bit and soften the blacks. Shot in 24p mode
Show: Apollo’s Pad

3 responses to “On Location- Sony F900 on "Apollo’s Pad"”

  1. mike@fivepointsix.com says:

    Want to order some of your LED lights…but cannot seem to fgure out the link…please advise.

  2. Frame Discreet says:

    Hey Mike,

    I don’t have a lot of the LED lights left. http://www.framediscreet.com >> click on ‘specials’.

    I’ll send you an email about it.


  3. F900 rental says:

    The Sony f900 camera is a truly amazing camera and will be around for a long time as a broadcast television camera since networks invested heavily in the HDCam format and 1080 pretty much became the defacto digital bar for broadcast television.

    They are amazing workhorse cameras. I've done f900 rentals and /or shot with f900 cameras since 2001 and outside of routine maintenance have had very little repair costs.

    Saturnalia Productions

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