On Location- Lens testing on Beaulieu

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

I’ll be shooting some long lens/telephoto work coming up and was looking for the best solution for super 8. Came up with a few options on our 4008ZMII package: Ang. 12-120mm, Sigma 28-300 with cmount-nikon adapter, + 2x tele extender or the original 6-66 schneider lens. The 300mm lens is meant for a 35mm still camera so 300mm becomes almost 1200mm + the 2x extender it becomes a crazy 2400mm lens! (I would normally be shooting at f-11 in this lighting, but with 300mm, the 2x extender and light loss from the zoom I ended up around f-3.5). Will be getting back results this week.

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