Music Video- Hayden (super 16)

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

“Where and When”- Hayden

Shot on location in stunning Brussels. It was an awesome experience shooting out there. Tried and true the bolex was great for this shoot as a lightweight workhorse. Little note, on super 16, daylight spools must be loaded in the dark to avoid light leaks.


Camera: Bolex Rex 4, Super 16 (lens Switar POE 16-100, 10mm switar)
Stock: Kodak 250D 7205 & Fuji 500T

Director: Scott Cudmore
Producer: Mike Smith
Director of Photography: Michael LeBlanc (Frame Discreet)
Editor: Matthew Hannam
Camera Assistant: Justin Lovell (Frame Discreet)
Produced by The Field, 2007.

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