TECHNICAL POST- 70fps super 8

Friday, January 11th, 2008

Super 8, 7218 (vision 2 500T negative). Shot at 70fps with Beaulieu 4008zmII Schneider 6-66 lens. Speed ramp in the first shot, started overexposed by 1 1/2 stops. Did not adjust the iris. Image darkens slightly, could have corrected for that in post by creating a ramp in gamma correction… Pleased with the way the neg holds up in over exposure. Did the same test on a different reel, starting out with proper exposure at 24fps- letting it ramp to underexposure at 70fps. It became too dark, lost detail. Better results when overexposing at 24fps, letting it ramp to proper exposure at 70fps. Super 8 stability/registration issues are not as noticeable because it is handheld.

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