Inexpensive 16mm stock…!

Thursday, January 3rd, 2008

Stock: Kodak 3374 High Contrast 16mm. Processed as a neg by Niagara Custom Lab.
Camera: Filmo 16mm, with Angenieux 5.9mm
Content: Street shots from the Toronto Board Meeting 2006 (shot by Justin while riding a dirtsurfer + interior hand-cranked footage.
Technical: Cross-Processed as a negative to give more latitude for the transfer. A grainless 16mm stock rated between 40-60ASA. Absolutely gorgeous stock, when you nail your exposure. Originally a Panchromatic sound recording stock but can be used for images- 2100′ can be bought for under $200 direct from Kodak…!

5 responses to “Inexpensive 16mm stock…!”

  1. Cochise says:

    what camera is he holding at the end of the video?

  2. Frame Discreet says:

    That’s a beaulieu 4008 ZMII super 8. Pretty sexy little camera, eh?

  3. Cochise says:

    Very nice indeed. Looks extremely portable, how would you compare the images to a bolex?

  4. Frame Discreet says:

    If properly exposed with a sharp lens, the 4008 produces some fantastic images. Keep in mind that it is super 8 though, which is not nearly the resolution of a 16mm bolex (if you were referring to a 16mm not 8mm bolex).

    I have seen some 16mm cameras with cruddy lenses and poorly exposed images that look far worse than a super 8 image.

    Hand in hand, a good operator, with a good camera/lens will always give you images to love 🙂

  5. Cochise says:

    thanks for the quick replies. Great site, I enjoyed all the videos.

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